Hybrid biocomposite of new generation.

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Chemistry of Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films (Photoelectron Spectroscopy). Surface Interactions on Metals.
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The submitted project is concerned with proposal and testing of an active hybrid composite in which the reinforcement will be formed by polycycloolefin macro-lattices (or Ti-Ni wires encased in COC polymer) and the matrix will be formed in phase I (pre-operational) by a biologically inactive component, i.e. collagen I, proteoglycans and growth factors and, in phase II (post-operational), following intergrowth ("migration") of cells into the "body" of the composite replacement, by natural biomaterial. The surface of the COC lattices will be subjected to plasmatic surface modification and then they will be saturated with collagen-proteoglycan copolymer. In order that this copolymer be as resistant as possible to hydrolytic enzymes, the highly cross-linked collagen fraction ISC40 will be used. The lattices must be constructed so as to permit diffusion of nutrients and oxygen to the entire depth of the tissue and simultaneously also growth of the connective cells into the implant.

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