Exploration of prebiotic synthesis mechanism in impact craters

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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Geochemical environments played a prominent role in prebiotic evolution. Recent theory on the origin of life suggests that it happened in hot springs. This creates an interesting link between geothermal activity in the craters of Mars, the discovery of sulphur organic molecules by the Curiosity rover and our recent results demonstrating the transformation of volcanic atmospheres and the positive effect of metal-rich minerals on prebiotic synthesis. In the context of the geochemical environment in impact craters, we will systematically investigate the mechanism of prebiotic synthesis in hydrothermal environment with a special emphasis on the introduction of sulphur and phosphorus from substances formed by the transformation of atmospheres and impactor material during and after the impact. This project will provide a unified picture of prebiotic synthesis related to asteroid impacts on Hadean and early Archean Earth, and Noachian Mars.

RNDr. Ferus Martin Ph.D.

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