Electron transfer in supramolecular complexes, large molecules with more active centers and in organized structures.

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Electrochemistry.
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The research of electron transfer reactions to large molecules will be aimed at several classes of new compounds. Compounds will be selected in order to show the functions of the (i) size-specific hosts, (ii) communication in multi-centered organometallics in the "free" form, (iii) electron transfer to guests in a cavity of a host, and finally (iv) biopolymer-bound metal centers. All large molecules are surface active and adsorb to metals. The self-organization at the interface is an integral part of the research. One group of compounds will be purposely attached to electrodes (see below). The proposed work is related to already established international collaborations with universities in Colorado, Stuttgart, Pisa and Paris, where most of the synthetic tasks will be done. We propose to study the following systems: (1) Inclusion complexes of organic and organometallic compounds with cyclodextrins and modified cyclodextrins as models of size specific binding sites of active…

doc. RNDr. Pospíšil Lubomír CSc.