Electrochemical study on new artificial enzymes and their role in sensing of neurotransmitters

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The proposed project deals with the development and characterization of new artificial enzymes based on tyrosinase motif and their prospective use in the analysis of selected neurotransmitters. The primary aim is to explain structural aspects of these complexes influencing mechanism and kinetics of copper-catalyzed oxidation of neurotransmitters also with respect to different ways of their deposition on electrode surface. The preparation of the surface modified electrode and a development of the analytical method for neurotransmitters determination will be key parts of the proposed project. The properties of new artificial enzyme complexes will be characterized by electroanalytical and spectroscopic techniques. The obtained findings will provide a background necessary for the design of the next generation of complexes enabling stereoselective sensing. The final part of the project will involve also testing of modified screen-printed electrodes in flow analytical setup.

doc. RNDr. Sokolová Romana Ph.D.

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