Development of the structure and technology of catalysts preparation for simultaneous abatement of NO/NO2 and NO2 from nitric acid plants and other industrial sources.

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Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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Development of the structure and the technology for production of a new generation of highly active catalysts for the process of selective catalytic reduction of NO/NO2 (SCR-Nox) and the process of N2O decomposition and their combination, for utilization at the outlet streams of nitric acid plants. Research and development of the catalyst for these processes combined into one technological unit would provide simultaneous elimination of N2O and NO/NO2, moreover at much lower process temperatures and would also prevent slip of the harmful ammonia under non-stationary regimes.

Key words: nitrogen oxides; selective catalytic reduction of NOx, N2O decomposition; catalysis on zeolites

Main contractor: Euro Support Manufacturing Czechia, s.r.o.
other contractor: Heyrovský Institute

doc. Ing. Sobalík Zdeněk CSc.

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