Development of n- and p-tipe oxide semiconductor electrodes for photoelectrochemical application

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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Fabrication of n-type (WO3, BiVO4, ZnO, ...) and p-type (CuOx, delafossites, ...) semiconductor photoelectrodes by advanced thin film deposition techniques with particular attention on porosity and 1-D structure is addressed in the project. Such photoelectrodes may find application in oxidative removal of organic impurities in water and hydrogen production via light assisted water electrolysis. Capping layers (semiconductors and insulators) will be deposited for improving charge transfer enhancement / surface recombination suppression. Optical, photoelectrochemical and protective properties of the resulting stratified structures will be studied. The study will allow for indepth understanding of physicochemical and functional properties of the selected materials and devices. The collaboration involves the exchange of samples, data, and researchers. Complementarity is given by using the different equipment of the partner institutions for preparation of semiconductor films, physical characterization of samples and evaluation of photoelectrochemical parameters.

Ing. Krýsová Hana Ph.D.

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