Development of high-performance alkylation and isomerization catalysts

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Technology Agency CR
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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Main contractor:Euro Support Manufacturing Czechia, s.r.o.

Aim: The project aimed into development of a technology for production of a new generation of high performance zeolitic catalysts for the hydroisomerization of linear C5 and C6 paraffins of the hydrocarbon fraction of automotive gasoline and for the alkylation of benzene to ethylbenzene in the liquid phase. This would exploit the discovery of a new zeolite synthesis that has dramatically increased the concentration of tetrahedrally coordinated Al atoms in the structure of the beta zeolite. A high concentration of specific active sites will provide an increase in catalytic activity while maintaining the selectivity and stability of the catalyst. The objective is an economical process for the production of catalysts, which will outperform the catalysts on the world market.

Ing. Sazama Petr Ph.D.

+420 26605 3325