Creating and mastering structure of hierarchical zeolites to design advanced hydroizomerization catalyst

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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New developments in the synthesis of hierarchical zeolites with micro-mesoporous structure for catalytic applications have opened new possibilities for creating and mastering structure of active sites and their local environments in order to improve pore accessibility and molecular transport of reactants and thus enhance catalytic efficiency. This project is centred on tailored synthesis, structural and kinetic analysis of micro-mesoporous zeolite catalysts for hydroisomerization of linear C5-C6 alkanes to branched hydrocarbons with high octane number. Proposed project utilizes the controlled formation of active acid sites in confined environment of micropores with simultaneous enhancement of the active sites accessibility and molecular transport through mesopores. The studies on the structure of hierarchical mordenite proposed in this project provide opportunity for dramatic enhancement of accessibility of active sites with preservation of catalyst selectivity and increase in the reaction rate. Keywords in English Hierarchical zeolites; micro-mesoporous structure, mordenite; hydroisomerization; pentane; hexane; FTIR; MAS NMR

Ing. Sazama Petr Ph.D.

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