Česká účast na misi EnVision - Derisking vývoje VenSpec-H

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
PEA není zatím přiděleno. Č.j. rozhodnutí MŠMT o financování: MSMT-27787/2023-4
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EnVision is a Venus orbiter mission that will determine the nature and current state of Venus' geological evolution and its relationship with the atmosphere to understand how and why Venus and Earth evolved so differently. EnVision will deliver new insights into geological history through complementary imagery, polarimetry, radiometry, and spectroscopy of the surface coupled with subsurface sounding and gravity mapping. The probe will search for thermal, morphological, and gaseous signs of volcanic and other geological activity; and it will trace the fate of key volatile species from their sources and sinks at the surface through the clouds up to the mesosphere.

RNDr. Ferus Martin Ph.D.

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