Catalysts for eliminating N2O in the high temperature regime in the production technology of nitric acid

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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The missing knowledge base will be created as a necessary condition for rational formulation of the stable and highly active catalyst for decomposition of N2O of the technology of nitric acid production, i.e. in wet steams containing further NO and O2 and at temperatures between 750 and 900 oC, i.e. directly after the NH3 burner. Based on previous empiric data, three categories of materials, i.e. metallo zeolites, ZrO2 supported materials, and a group of FeOx-supported catalysts will be analyzed as candidate structures for the reaction. Role of the surface composition and nature of the active site for activation of N2O, catalysts long term structural stability, and correlation with the change in oxygen mobility will be established. Detail kinetic analysis will provide answer for the possible role of other gas phase components, i.e. NO, O2 and H2O, on rate of the production of O2 molecule from the Oat, formed by the first step of N2O decomposition.

doc. Ing. Sobalík Zdeněk CSc.

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