Biomimetic electrochemistry of emulsion micro-droplets at the polarised interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions

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The project is focused on the observation and analysis of the single-event collision and fusion of micrometre-sized emulsion droplets with the electrochemically polarised micro-interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions. Electrochemical methodology will be developed to investigate (a) droplet collision ion transfer in surfactant-free emulsion systems, (b) droplet collision ion transfer in surfactant-stabilised emulsion systems, (c) droplet collision electron transfer in surfactant-free and surfactant-stabilised emulsion systems, and (d) the possibility to enhance the sensitivity of the single-event collision measurements by means of coupling electrochemistry with fluorescence spectroscopy. The single-event processes in focus are primarily unique and largely unexplored electrochemical phenomena. They could also be considered to represent a biomimetic model of cellular endo(exo)cytosis and synaptic signal transmission. Finally, the experimental platform proposed in this project could provide novel ways to study commercially important emulsions via electrochemical means.

prof. Ing. Mareček Vladimír DrSc.

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