Binuclear metal ion structures in zeolites

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Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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The project focuses on the targeted development of fully inorganic binuclear structures of ions ( M = Co2+, Ni2+, Zn2+, Cu2+) in zeolite matrices (of MOR, FER, CHA, * BEA topology) and their application in the activation of relevant molecules (N2O and O2). For the targeted preparation of binuclear enzymomimetic structures will be used recently developed aluminum-rich zeolites with controlled distribution Al in the skeleton. High concentrations of rings with two Al (occurring due to a high content of Al pairs and the total Al content in the zeolite) allowing localization of divalent ions in two opposite circles is the basis for the formation of binuclear structures. The arrangements of these structures will be analyzed by OCH calculations based on the known organization of Al in the zeolite framework and will be verified by spectroscopic methods (UV-Vis , FTIR, Raman and laser-induced kinetic emission spectroscopy) and EXAFS.

Mgr. Dědeček Jiří CSc., DSc.

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