Aspects of hazardous metals transfer across biomembranes

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The project is aimed at elucidation and modeling of transport processes of hazardous(heavy)metals (ions of Cd, Pb, Zn etc.) across phospholipid biomembranes.The basic steps of such transport processes must be first elucidated on the model membranes,which should simulate the cytoplasmic membranes and endomembrane system,to enable investigatition of these processes on real or mixed biomembranes.The results of the study will contribute to explanation of the form of transported species, i.e., free cations and their complexes with some smaller biomolecules (cysteine-rich peptides,phytochelatins,low mol.weight org.acids etc.)and of principles,on which the transport is based on. It is intended to use the unique combination of electrochemical methods (voltammetry, elchem. imped. spectroscopy etc.), AAS, and HPLC in combination with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Detail elucidation of transport processes (across cytoplasmic biomembranes, distribution and transport into cells, compartments, etc.)contributes to their possible control (e.g., for phytoremediation).

prof. Ing. Navrátil Tomáš Ph.D.

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