Analysis of DNA structure and its interactions with genotoxic agents. Novel techniques of DNA damage detection and electrochemical sensors

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Abstract: Development and application of electrochemical methods and biosensors in studies of nucleic acids structure and interactions and/or in detection of DNA hybridization or damage belongs to the most dynamically developing areas of contemporary science. In this project, we propose to continue the existing fruitful research in the Applicant's and Joint Applicant's laboratories and to obtain new knowledge about the behavior of unmodified and chemically modified nucleic acids, their complexes with low molecular mass genotoxic substances and/or with proteins at different electrodes, including newly introduced types of solid amalgam electrodes. The proposed research will involve detailed studies of electrochemical processes underwent by nucleic acids and their conjugates with electroactive markers at different electrode materials. Electrochemical analysis will be combined with separation techniques and with immunoanalysis to develop new methods of detection of DNA damage....

Josypčuk Bohdan Ph.D.

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