Advanced research and development of low temperature plasma sources.

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Dynamics and Kinetics of Ion - Molecule Collisions. Organic Mass Spectrometry.
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The aim of the project is to develop and characterize several types of low-temperature plasma sources. We intend to combine experimental and theoretical approaches in order to optimize these sources to their intended applications. We will investigate: sources of precursor ions for analytical techniques including organic mass spectrometry, Selected Ion Flow Tube and Flowing afterglow Mass Spectrometry, FA-MS and SIFT-MS, a supersonic discharge source of intermediate molecular radicals important for atmospheric chemistry, sources for deposition of thin films at atmospheric pressure, low pressure magnetron and plasma-jet sources driven by DC, RF and microwave power. The constructed plasma sources will be characterised in continuous and pulsed modes of operation using a range of time-resolved diagnostic techniques including Langmuir probe, optical emission spectroscopy, CRDS spectroscopy, mass-spectrometry and ion flux detection in combination with computer models of plasma processes.

prof. RNDr. Španěl Patrik Dr. rer. nat.

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