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47th Heyrovský Discussion
  T. Navrátil and M. Fojta
  (+420) 26605 3886 and (+420) 541 517 197
|   D I S C U S S I O N    T O P I C S   |

Electrochemical investigation of organic and bioactive compounds and related processes was selected as the main topic of the 47th Heyrovsky Discussion with the following subtopics:

Electrochemistry and electroanalysis of drugs, bioactive compounds, genotoxic and ecotoxic substances
  • Novel electrochemical biosensors and their applications
  • Application of new electrode materials
  • Combination of electrochemistry with other techniques (e.g., spectral methods)

  • Structure-reactivity relationship in redox-active molecular systems
  • Redox mechanistic studies of organic and coordination compounds
  • Bond activation by electron transfer
  • Correlation of experimental data with theoretical calculations and other related problems
  • Electron transfer in molecules with multiple redox centers

  • Biopolymers electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical properties and analytical use of natural and synthetic nucleic acids and redox-labelled nucleic acid conjugates
  • Protein electrochemistry and electroanalysis: structure and interaction effects
  • Electrochemistry of natural and chemically modified carbohydrates

  • Biological membranes, their mimics and transporting processes
  • Transporting processes across membranes
  • Transport through nanopores

  • Novel materials and nanotechnology for electrochemical sensors
  • Electrode materials and surface modifications
  • Nanostructured surfaces
  • Nanoobject for biopolymer labeling

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