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47th Heyrovskı Discussion
  T. Navrátil and M. Fojta
  (+420) 26605 3886 and (+420) 541 517 197
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The Heyrovskı Discussions have been organized during the last four decades every year by the J. Heyrovskı Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and by some co-organizers (e.g., Institute of Biophysics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). Originally the Discussions were held at the Liblice castle, later in castle Bechynì, in Brno, but most frequently in the last years it has taken place at the renaissance castle Tøeš in southeastern Bohemia, in an attractive, peaceful locality rich in historical monuments and of beautiful natural scenery. Each year a different field of electrochemistry is selected as the discussion theme. Total number of participants is limited to about 50-60 by the capacity of the castle.

The general philosophy of the Discussions is to invite experienced scientists specialized in a certain field together with students or young research workers, and to let them present in an informal way their most recent electrochemical achievements and interpretations with a special stress on a broad and friendly scientific discussion. For this reason the time schedule is more free than that at conventional meetings allowing more space for discussion: the program (without fixed time slots) is divided into several sessions devoted to individual topics. Every session is opened by an introductory lecture (40 min). After that oral presentations announced in the program (15-20 min long) as well as short ad-hoc contributions (5-10 min long) follow, which are accompanied by free discussion. The chairing person plays an important role here, since in the frame of a session he/she has to follow time and simultaneously to provoke and coordinate discussion. Posters will be exhibited during the whole meeting in a poster room.

In order to allow presentation of the most recent results, abstracts of the announced oral contributions and posters are required (in electronic form) only six weeks in advance (i.e., until April 13th, 2013). Note that the freshest results presented as ad-hoc contributions need no abstracts. Printed proceedings of the announced papers (as well as their electronic form) will be prepared before the Discussion (with its own ISBN).

We hope that the 47th Heyrovskı Discussion will contribute to the interdisciplinary linkage between (electro)chemistry and biology or physiology and simultaneously to the development of electrochemistry itself.

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