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computational molecular biophysics

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

People involved

  • Kamila Riedlova, MSc student

    Kamila works on embedding of cytotoxic peptides in cell membranes.

  • Adela Melcrova, PhD student

    Adela investigates interactions of ions with lipid membranes. She is also involved in fluorescence spectroscopy experiments.

  • Alicja Wizert, PhD student

    Alicja is a biomedical engineering student, she works on Tear Film Lipid Layer.

  • Agnieszka Olzynska, PhD

    Agnieszka is a resercher working on fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy experiments, one of her scientific interests are lipid Langmuir films.

  • Pauline Delcroix, PhD

    Pauline is a postdoctoral researcher involved mainly in MD simulations of lipid films.

  • Lukasz Cwiklik, PhD, DSc

    team leader

Former group members

  • Alexandra Kukharchuk, MSc

    Alex was intially a BSc, then MSc studend working on interactions of small organic molecules, including amino acids, with phospholipid monolayers. This work was aiming at understanding molecular basis of some pathological conditions in cell membranes as well as mechanisms of processes triggered by air pollutants in lungs. Alex defended her master thesis in 2016.

  • Mateusz Lis, PhD

    Mateusz was a PhD student focused on the IT engineering (graduated in 2015). His work was focused on heavily coarse-grained biophysical simulations. He has developed highly parallel Monte Carlo codes for studying lateral inhomogeneities and clustering in plasma membranes.