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The Scanning probe Microscopy Group in the Department of Electrochemical Materials JHI is engaged primarily in performing Scanning Probe Microscopy studies in situ and in electrochemical applications respectively – in particular - characterization of surface nanomorphology in relation to charge transfer and other interfacial processes by in situ/ex situ AFM and EC AFM/EC STM techniques.
Current topics include:
  • Gaseous nanodomains – nanobubbles and nanopancakes at solid liquid interface: Surface interactions, and implications for interfacial processes including charge/mass transfer and interface composition.
  • Transient phenomena in solid surface patterning: Nanobubble-assisted solid surface nanostructuring – ordered (nano-array) and random nanopatterning/nanoporation of thin layer polymer films.Nanobubbles on electrode surfaces: Properties, interactions and surface restructuring (P. Janda)
  • Liquid/liquid interface for potentiometric sensing: Charge and mass transfer at immiscible liquid/liquid interface (ITIES) utilized for qualitative potentiometric analysis and liquid-interface (biomimetic) potentiometric sensor development.
  • Supported nanoparticle assemblies and 2D (layered) systems: Correlation of charge transfer reaction and nanomorphology of metal/metal-oxide nanoparticle assemblies. Optimization of assembly properties with respect to application in (electro)catalysis, charge storage and (electrochemical) sensing.
  • Redox mediators - phthalocyanine and MB-derivatives in heterogeneous (electro)catalysis and electrochemical sensing: Nanomorphological and charge transfer (kinetics) aspects in catalytic efficiency of supported Pc- and MB-based thin films.
  • Advances in Engineering, August 8, 2018: Electrochemically controlled winding and unwinding of substrate-supported carbon nanoscrolls (Project detail)
  • Project participations:
  • Boron doped diamond (BDD) surfaces: Nanomorphology and charge transfer properties. (L. Kavan (JHI), V. Mortet (Inst. of Physics))
  • Versatile micromechanical sensor and laser photoacoustics for combined gas/liquid diagnostics: Project utilizes (nano)mechanical spring as an acoustic detector and the charge transfer-surface tension relation to cantilever-based (electro)chemical sensing. (Z. Zelinger: Project detail)
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