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Confirmed Invited Speakers

Cate S. Anstöter, Temple, USA, "Using theory to pull back the curtain on experiment"
Daniel J. Arismendi-Arrieta, UU, SE, "Data-driven approaches for modelling non-aqueous electrolytes"
Darío Barreiro Lage, UAM, ES, "Non-trivial fragmentation on photoionized Diketopiperazines: new insights on prebiotic chemistry"
James Bull, UEA, UK, "Ultrafast dynamics of isomer-selected molecules"
Jacopo Chiarinelli, ISM-CNR, IT, "Insights in the Structure of Homogeneous and Hydrated Uracil Clusters"
Anushree Dutta, UP, DE, "Light Matter Interactions in DNA Origami Assembled Plasmonic Nanostructures for Single Molecule Spectroscopic Study"
Michael Gatchell, SU, SE, "The Stability of Defective PAH and Fullerene Ions over Long Timescales"
Rebecca Ingle, UCL, UK, "Ultrafast Photoinduced Dynamics in Molecular Systems"
Julia H. Lehman, UL, UK, "Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Spectroscopy for Chemical Reaction Kinetics"
Jozef Lengyel, TUM, DE, "Uptake and reactions of molecules on ultrafine particles: Hydration and particle size effects"
Olga V. Lushchikova, UI, AT, "Chemistry and physics in multiply charged helium nanodroplets"
Sylvain Maclot, UG, SE, "Diamond(doid)s are a physicist’s best friend"
Zdeněk Mašín, CU, CZ, "Molecular photoionization in the weak- and strong-field regimes studied by the ab initio R-matrix method"
Lara Martinez, UAM, ES, "Light-driven reactions in DNA"
Jennifer A. Noble, PIIM-CNRS, FR, "Studying the competition between anionic and neutral excited state pathways in aromatic anions"
Milan Ončák, UI, AT, "Hydrated Metal Ions: Nanolaboratories for Modelling of Elementary (Photo)Chemical Processes"
Jolijn Onvlee, RU, NL, "Unravelling controlled chemical reactions"
Dariusz G. Piekarski, IChF PAS, PL, "Benchmarking of triazole binders"
Markus Rohdenburg, U Leipzig, DE, "Nanofabrication with Layers of Mass-Selected Ions"
Hanns Christian Schewe, IOCB, CZ, "Investigating the electrolyte-to-metal transition in liquid alkali-metal ammonia solutions"
Yuval Shagam, Technion, IL, "Trapped chiral molecular ions for probing weak force parity violation"
Petr Šulc, ASU, USA, "DNA nanotechnology: from coarse-grained modeling to experimental realization"
Michał Tomza, UW, PL, "Quantum control of ultracold ion-atom collisions"

Confirmed Perspective Talks

Leticia González, Universität Wien, AT"A theoretical journey from DNA building blocks to bioreceptors"
Frédéric Merkt , ETH Zurich, CH"Precision measurements of the dissociation energy of molecular hydrogen"

David Wales, University of Cambridge, UK"Energy landscapes: from molecules and nanodevices to machine learning"
Jun Ye, JILA, Boulder, USA "Quantum gas of polar molecules"