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55th Heyrovskı Discussions
|   H I S T O R Y   |

The tradition was started in 1967 and maintained for 24 years by Professor A.A.Vlcek, then director of the J.Heyrovskı Institute. Later on the organization of these meetings circulates among senior scientists (electrochemists) of the J. Heyrovskı Institute under patronage of the director of the Institute.

The Heyrovskı Discussions took place always in one of the conference centers of the Czech Academy. Originally, the Discussions were held at the Liblice castle, later in castle Bechynì and recently it has taken place at the renaissance castle Trest in southeastern Bohemia, in an attractive, peaceful locality rich in historical monuments and of beautiful natural scenery.

The following topics were discussed so far :

1967    Adsorption at Electrodes and its Influence upon Electrode Processes

1968    Adsorption and Processes on Catalytic Electrodes

1969    Mechanism of Redox Reaction Proper

1970    Intermediates and Products of Electrode Reactions

1971    Products and Intermediates of Redox Reactions

1972    New Principles in Electroanalytical Chemistry

1973    Deposition and Oxidation of Metals

1974    Electrochemistry in Non-Aqueous Solvents

1975    Electrochemical Phenomena in Biological Systems

1976    Redox Reactions of Coordination Compounds

1977    New Horizons in Polarography

1978    Electrochemical Energy Conversion

1979    Electrochemistry in Environmental Protection

1980    Electrochemical Phenomena on Membranes and Biomembranes

1981    Fundamentals of Preparative Organic Electrolysis

1982    New Principles in Electroanalysis

1983    Photochemical Stimulation of Redox Reactions

1984    Electrochemical Processes in Two-Phase Liquid, Microemulsion and Micellar             Systems

1985    Recent Aspects of Electrocatalysis

1986    New Aspects of Electrochemical Materials Fundamentals

1987    Ecoelectrochemistry

1988    Electrochemistry of Separation and Synthetic Processes at Liquid/Liquid             Interfaces

1989    Catalytic Homogeneous Processes Combined with Electrochemical Charge             or Group Transfer

1990    Electrochemistry on Organized Molecular and Polymolecular Structures

1992    Electroanalysis and the Environment

1993    Progress in Organic and Organometallic Electrochemistry

1994    Electrochemical Processes on Liquid Membranes

1995    Electrochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds and Their Models

1996    Advanced Techniques in Electrochemistry

1997    Electrochemistry at Liquid/Liquid Interface

1998    Electrochemistry for Analytical Separations

1999    Organic Electrochemistry

2000    Nanostructures on Electrodes

2001    Chemistry on Polarised Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

2002    Electrochemical Impedance Analysis

2003    Electrochemistry of Biological Systems and Their Models

2004    Emerging Topics, Applications and Methodologies in Electrochemistry             on Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

2005    Electrocatalysis in Nanoscale

2006    Electrochemical Impedance Analysis

2007    Electrochemistry of molecules with multiple redox centers

2008    Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

2009    Liquid-liquid Electrochemistry - from Fundamentals to Applications

2010    Electrochemistry of Organic molecules and Coordination Compounds

2011    Nanostructures on electrodes

2012    Electrochemistry of Biopolymers and Bioactive compounds

2013    Molecular electrochemistry in organometallic science

2014    Electrochemistry of organic and bioactive compounds

2015    Progress in electrochemistry at liquid-liquid interfaces and liquid membranes

2016    Electrochemical interfaces at the nanoscale

2017     Molecular Electrochemistry in Organic and Organometallic Research

2018    2D and 1D Materials

2019    Electrochemical Investigation of Organic Compounds and Biopolymers

2020    Rational Electrocatalysis

2023    Molecular Photo-spectroelectrochemistry, Mechanisms and Electrosynthesis

2024    Electrochemical Impedance Analysis

For more information, you can visit institute web site with details of programs.

It is hoped that continuing the tradition of the Heyrovskı Discussions will foster further progress of electrochemical science in the spirit of creative international cooperation.

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