J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

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Great news! Our SOFI cluster analysis method developed together with Tomas Lukes and Theo Lasser (EPFL) was accepted in Nature Communications!
Program of seminars (usually Wednesday at 10 am; JHI room 108):

14.12. (Thursday) Prague membrane Discussions - Autumn Event


10.1. Kristian - NMR study of the extracellular part of the mouse Nkr-p1b receptor from natural killer cells

24.1. Oleg Lunov (Inst Phys) - TBA

31.1. Round Table - Mariana

7.2. Ivo - TBA

The review on amyloid beta oligomerisation and GM1 ganglioside written with Mariana and Martin was published in Biophysical Journal.
The review on the plasma membrane organisation written by Marek together with Gerhard, Christian and Jorge was published in Frontiers In Cell and Developmental Biology