CESTC 2013 - Central European Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry
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Pražská 100
669 02, Znojmo
Czech Republic
Website: Hotel Prestige
Connection to Znojmo for motorists

With a GPS device available, you can conveniently navigate to the coordinates 48°52'8.027"N, 16°2'8.167"E. Otherwise, Google can generate you an itinerary to this destination.

Connection to Znojmo by train or bus

You can use this website for planning your journey by train or bus.

How to get from Znojmo railway station to the Hotel Prestige

From the railway station (as well as bus station) you can take a local bus no. 803 to the stop "Prazska - Motorest", and then walk about 100 m along teh Gagarinova street to the hotel Prestige.
Alternatively, you can hire a taxi waiting at the railway station, or call some of the local taxi services from this list.

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Znojmo: Its History and Monuments

In the beginning of the 11th century, when the Czech state was still only a principality and not a kingdom, the region around the present city of Znojmo became one of its frontier regions. Already before 1055 the Czech prince Břetislav (Friedrich) founded a castle on the Znojmo hill, but the rotunda is only part that has survived in its original form. Its romanesque frescos make it one of the most important national landmarks. For Central European intellectuals it may be of interest to learn that the emperor Sigismund died at Znojmo in December of 1437. He was returning to Buda (today’s Budapest) after chairing the Landtag (assembly of Estates) in Cheb (Eger). The weather was unusually bad and travel was exhausting. When he arrived at Znojmo he was so tired and ill that he fell off his horse, and after several days he died of exhaustion, presumably at the Znojmo castle. The spot of his misfortune is marked by a sidewalk tile in the present Masaryk square. Znojmo offers many highlights, such as the gothic St. Nicholas church, medieval fortifications, and renaissance and baroque residences of nobles and rich burghers, all located within a walking distance from the hotel Prestige.