CEPAS meeting 2017
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Sunday, September 3
15:00 Registration
19:00 Opening and welcome reception

Monday, September 4
Photoionization and photoemission - Chairman: Bratislav Marinković
09:00 Fernando Martín Attochemistry: imaging and controlling electron dynamics in molecules
09:45 Ticia Buhr Azimuth angle dependence of the He 1s and Ne 2s photoelectron angular distributions
10:10 Coffee Break
10:40 Paola Bolognesi Radiation damage in systems of biological interest: the case of radiosensitisers
11:25 Alexei Grum-Grzhimailo Coherent control of electron emission in short-pulse XUV atomic ionization
11:50 Andrej Bunjac Calculation of the dynamic Stark shift for sodium and the application to resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization
12:15 Lunch
Electron and photon interactions - Chairman: Martin Čížek
14:00 Petr Dohnal Laboratory study of electron-ion recombination and of associative detachment at low temperatures
14:25 Roman Čurík Inelastic low-energy collisions of electrons with small cations
14:50 Petra Votavová Superexchange Interatomic Coulombic decay by Fano-ADC-Stieltjes method
15:15 Viorica Stancalie Studies of the electron-correlation and relativistic effects in target representation and low-energy collision calculations
15:40 Coffee Break
16:15 Poster Session, International Scientific Committee meeting
19:00 Individual dinner

Tuesday, September 5
Ion interactions - Chairman: Robert DuBois
09:00 Alicja Domaracka Ion collisions with complex molecular systems: isolated molecules, clusters and astrophysical ices
09:45 Sándor Kovács Dissociative ionization of H2O molecule bombarded by single charged projectiles
10:10 Coffee Break
10:40 Jeff Shinpaugh Experimental and computational study of gold nanoparticles as a radiosensitizer for proton radiation
11:25 François Frémont Classical treatment of autoionization in slow ion-atom collisions
11:50 Nikolaus Stolterfoht Milestones of highly charged ion guiding through insulating cappillaries: applications to a conical sphape
12:15 Lunch
14:20 Departure to Prague, Excursion
19:00 Conference dinner in the Strahov Monastery Brewery

Wednesday, September 6
Electron-impact experiments - Chairman: Gustavo García
09:00 Janina Kopyra Low energy electron driven decomposition of biologically relevant molecules
09:45 Marián Danko Dissociative ionization of cyclopropylamine
10:10 Coffee Break
10:40 Paulo Limão-Vieira Decomposition of nitroimidazoles by electron impact
11:25 Jaroslav Kočíšek Does pinene stabilize water aerosols?
11:50 Nigel Mason Electron driven chemistry on comet 67P observed by Rosetta space craft and its implications
12:15 Lunch
14:00 Departures or individiual afternoon in Prague