Instrumentation of Department of Spectroscopy

A: Major Equipment

  • Laser kinetics spectrometer LKS 20 (Applied Photophysics)
  • Available excitation wavelenghts: 308, 360-790, 1064 nm
  • Time resolved luminescence/transient absorption in UV-Vis-near IR ( 280 - 900 nm, 1270 nm)
  • Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) of laser induced breakdown plasma
    • High Resolution Echelle Spectra Analyzer ESA 4000
    • 200 - 780 nm with resolution of 0.005 nm (200 nm) to 0.019 nm (780 nm).
  • FTIR Spectroscopy
    • Bruker IFS 125 HR spectrometer (Bruker Optics, Germany) equipped with a KBr beam splitter and a nitrogen cooled MCT and InSb detectors over the spectral range of 650 to 8000 cm-1.
    • IFS 120 HR FTIR Bruker spectrometer (maximum resolution 0.0035 cm-1) modified for emission experiments.
  • Laser Analytics, Inc., Laser Source Spectrometer LS-3 (infrared laser-diode spectrometer operating in the temperature range 12 -80 K and covering the region of roughly 600 - 2500 cm-1);
  • Thorlabs, L1550R-PM Tunable laser kit, 1550 nm, Littrow Configuration, FC/APC (NIR tunable diode laser, 1530-1570 nm)
  • Thorlabs, L1950R-PM Tunable laser kit, 1950 nm, Littrow Configuration, FC/APC (NIR tunable diode laser, 1887-2006 nm)
  • infrared laser-diode spectrometer (operating in the room temperature range and based on Thorlabs, Quantum Cascade Lasers: 4.55-4.61 μm, 5.20-5.30 μm, 8.60-8.70 μm, 9.50-9.60 μm)
  • Gasera, Ltd., Photoacoustic Detector PA201 (photoacoustic detector with silicon cantilever and interferometric system)


  • Lambda Physik COMPEX 102 XeCl excimer laser (308 nm)
  • Lambda Physik FL 3002 dye laser (360 - 790 nm)
  • Quantel Qsmart 450 Nd YAG laser (1064, 532, 366 nm)
  • Lambda Physik (ArF) 193 nm
  • ExciStar S Industrial (ArF) 1 kHz
  • Discretely tuneable CO2 laser (Edinburgh Instruments WL-8-GT) emitting at rotation-vibration transitions of CO2 in the bands Σu+(0001) - Σg+(1000) and Σu+(0001) - Σg+(0200) in a spectral range of 9-11 µm
  • Colorado State University, XUV capillary discharge laser (Ne-like argon plasma based laser) with the wavelength of 46.9 nm (pulse energy 2 μJ, pulse duration 1.5 ns, maximum repetition rate 12 Hz) and multipurpose vacuum interaction chamber enabling a realization of versatile experimental layouts

B: Available Methods

  • Laser flash photolysis
  • Transient absorption spectroscopy (in ns-ms time window)
  • Time resolved fluorescence/phosphorescence
  • Detection of singlet oxygen
  • Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) of laser induced breakdown plasma
  • FTIR Spectroscopy
  • Time resolved Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy
  • Infrared absorption spectroscopy
  • Discharge plasma spectroscopy
  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy
  • Cavity enhanced arrangement for absorption monitoring
  • Extreme ultraviolet pulsed laser ablation

C: Auxiliary equipment

  • Ocean Optics UV-VIS-near IR absorption/fluorescence spectrometer
  • Spectroscopic cells for positive column discharge, negative column discharge, a hollow cathode with inside mounted multi-reflex mirrors (extension of the optical pathway up to 100 m);
  • Special fast high-voltage modulator on the principle of fast switching of electric field (2 kV, 0.5 A);
  • Brüel and Kjaer, condenser microphone, type 4144
  • optical microphone consisting of an investigated element and the optical system for deflection detection (He-Ne laser: 25-LHR-121-230, Melles Griot, optics and quadrant detector: a red enhanced quad-cell silicon photodiode, SD 085-23-21-021, Laser Components)

Department of Spectroscopy