Period Project title Agency Participation
2005 - 7 Redox reactions of free radicals, reactivity in presence of host molecules. Acad. Sci. Pospíšil
principal investigator
2006 - 10 Redox activity of host-guest, organometallic and molecular structure at electrode interfaces COST D36, Ministry of Education Pospíšil
principal investigator
internat. coordinator
2006 - 7 Collaboration in Energy and Nanoscience Ministry of Education, NSF USA participation
2006 - 10 Nanotechnology and materials for nanoelectronics Ministry of Education participation
2006 - 8 Redox reactions of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and their reactive intermediates in supramolecular nanocavity Acad.Sci. Gál
principal investigator
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