Ing. Kocábová (neé Bulíčková) graduated from the Technical University of Pardubice. She joint the group in 2006 and works on a PhD thesis. The topics deals with the electrochemistry of nitrogen-containing compounds. At present she is on the maternity leave.
Ing. Fiedler works in the institute since 1977. His specialization is electrochemistry of organometallic compounds. He worked-out spectroelectrochemical techniques for in-situ measurements under highly inert conditions. He is frequently invited as a research fellow to the University of Stuttgart. He published more than 50 papers in the past 5 years.
Dr. Hromadová graduated in nuclear chemistry at the Comenius University, Bratislava. She spent one year at the University of Oxford. In the period 1993-8 she studied electrochemistry at Georgetown University and obtained PhD. degree in the group of prof. Robert de Levie. She took a two-year post-doctoral position at the University of California at Davis (prof. W.R. Fawcett). She joint the Institute in 2001 and her main research field is the electochemistry of host-guest complexes, adsorption phenomena, non-linear systems and single-molecule conductivity. She introduced STM and QMC techniques. At present she is a head of the department. She published 70 papers and two book chapters.
Dr. Pospíšil joint the institute in 1963. He graduated at the Charles Univesity in Prague and obtained the second degree at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Since 1996 he is an associate professor (docent) at the Technical University of Prague. He was principal investigator of several projecs, member of the management committe COST and coordinator of two international research projects. After retiremnt he continues his research in this group and also in the Institue of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. He published 165 articles.
Dr. Sokolová graduated in analytical chemistry and pedagogy of chemistry at Charles University in 1993. She spent one year at the Department of Analytical Chemistry at Charles University specializing in continuous and flow-injection analysis. She joined the group in 1994 getting the PhD degree in 1997. After that she was as a post-doc at the Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Université Paris Sud. Her activity involved degradation of pesticides, inclusion of pesticides in molecular cavity of cyclodextrins and labelling of proteins with redox active probes. She published 56 papers and two book chapters.
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