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List of publications

  1. Arie Landau, Idan Haritan, Petra Ruth Kapralova-Zdanska, and Nimrod Moiseyev, Atomic and molecular complex resonances from real eigenvalues using standard (hermitian) electronic structure calculations, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (abstract)

  2. Arie Landau, Idan Haritan, Petra Ruth Kapralova-Zdanska, and Nimrod Moiseyev, Advantages of complex scaling only the most diffuse basis functions in simultaneous description of both resonances and bound states, Molecular Physics 113 (2015) 3141-3146. (pdf)

  3. P. R. Kapralova-Zdanska, M. Trachta, O. Bludsky, and V. Spirko, Localised Quantum States of Atomic and Molecular Particles Physisorbed on Carbon-Based Nanoparticles, the Journal of Chemical Physics 141 (2014) 114702. (pdf)

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  5. P. R. Kapralova-Zdanska, J. Smydke, and S. Civis, Excitation of helium Rydberg states and doubly excited resonances in strong XUV fields -- full-dimensional quantum dynamics using exponentially tempered Gaussian basis sets , the Journal of Chemical Physics 139,10 (2013) 104314. (pdf)
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