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Possible topics for doctoral thesis:
  1. Application of large contracted Gaussian basis sets for atomic and molecular Rydberg states, bound and autoionizing

Nice results

Wigner distribution of a vibrational resonance:

A sharp slope forms in a classical density function as it is scattered from a top of potential barrier:

Complex quasienergy split Delta depends normally on the laser parameters omega (frequency) and epsilon (laser strength). It is complex if at least one of two coupled field-free energies is complex (i.e. it represents a resonance) - it has one zero for the physical values of omega and epsilon. The zero is called the exceptional point (EP). What will happen if the system is driven by a laser pulse that encircles (by chirping and shaping) the EP? This is not a trivial question! - part of the answer is shown on the figure below, where omega(s) and epsilon(s) are complex due to the analytical continuation of their functions of time (s) to the complex plane of time. The dots on the figure are zeros of the quasienergy split in the complex plane of time - the unusually rich pattern of the zeros below is of a Gaussian pulse with linear chirping. This simple pulse is a particular example, where the `EPs' (zeros in the complex plane of time s) solely determine the process!

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