List of publications 1997 - 2000

Protonation entropies and re-evaluation of the proton affinities for polyfluorobenzenes [C6H6-nFn], n = 0 to 6 Szulejko J.E.,Hrušák J., McMahon T.B. J. Mass Spectrom. 32(1997)494

H2O...H...O=C-OH.+ A Hydrogen bonded Radical Cation generated from Ionized Dihydroxyfumaric Acid Hrušák J., McGibbon G. A., Schwarz H., Terlouw J. K. Int. J. Mass. Spectrom. Ion. Phys. 160(1997)117

The vibrational spectrum of H2O2+ radical cation. An ilustration of symmetry breaking Hrušák J., Iwata S. Journal of Chemical Physics 106(1997)4877

Non clasical Phosphorus-Silicon bonds [P,Si,Hn]+. A comparative G2 and DFT study Hrušák J., Schröder D., Schwarz H., Iwata S. Bull Chem. Soc. Japan 70(1997)777

Quadratic configuration interaction versus coupled cluster theory: Importance of orbital relaxation phenomena in CuH and CuF Hrušák J., Tenno S., Iwata S. Journal of Chemical Physics 106(1997)7185

The ground state of phenyl cation C6H5+ (X: 1A1) revisited Hrušák J., Schröder D., Iwata S. Journal of Chemical Physics 106(1997)7541

A DFT/HF study of the potential energy surface of the protonated ethane Hrušák J., Zabka J., Dolejšek Z., Herman Z. International Journal of Mass spectrometry and ion physics 167/68(1997)675

Relativistic effects in Metal Carbon Bonds. A comparative DFT and ab initio study. Hrušák J. South African Journal of Chemistry 50(1997)93

Oxidative addition of mono- and bis- carbene complexes derived from Imidazole and Thiazole gold(I) compounds Raubenheimer H.G., Olivier P.J., Lindeque L., Desmet M., Hrušák J., Kruger G.J. Journal of Organic Chemistry 544(1997)91

Cationic Gold(I) complexes of xenon and of ligands containing the hetroatoms oxygen, nitrogen, phosporus, and sulphur Schröder D., Schwarz H., Hrušák J., Pykkö P. Inorganic Chemistry 37(1998)624

The Structure and Stability of the CF3++ Dication Hrušák J., Saendig N., Koch W. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 185/186/187(1999)701

A Crossed beam scattering study of reactions in the system acetylene cation - acetylene: formation of the C2HD+ in C2 D2+ + C2H2 and formation of C4H3+ and C4H2+ in C2H2+ + C2H2 collisions Zabka J., Dolejšek Z., Hrušák J., Herman Z. International Journal of Mass spectrometry 185/186/187(1999)195

Investigation of the potential energy surface of the ground 1A1 and excited state 1B2 electronic states of the SO2 Nachtigall P., Hrušák J.,Bludský O., Iwata S. Chemical Physics Letters 303(1999)441

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