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53rd Heyrovský Discussions

  Doc. Ing. Petr Krtil, CSc.
|   A I M   |

The Heyrovský Discussions have been organized during the last more than five decades every year by the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. A different field of electrochemistry is selected as the discussion theme every year.

The general philosophy of the Discussions is to bring together the scientists active in the field regardless the stage of their career to discuss the latest development in the field and outline its outlook for the near future. The individual topics are introduced by key-note lectures (approx. 60 minutes) delivered by the leading scientists in the field. These key-note lectures are followed by extensive discussions and contributed paper in the regular duration (approx. 20 minutes). The discussion is moderated to achieve the maximum efficiency in the allocated time. To reach this type of the meeting the attendance is as a rule limited to 60 participants. To maximize the efficiency of the discussion the presenting participants are selected to present one page abstract no later than May 15th 2020.

Heyrovsky Discussion is a regular electrochemistry oriented meeting organized by the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry since 1967. The meeting in its glorious history has been supported by the leading scientists shaping the development of the field around half of the XXth century including likes of Frumkin, Parsons, Gerischer and others.

The 53rd Heyrovský Discussion are organized 60 years after the first “electrochemical” Nobel Prize and in the year when the Nobel prize has been awarded for achievements in the field of electrochemistry.

The topic of this Heyrovsky Discussion has been set to “Rational Electrocatalysis in Energy Storage” and should emphasize the latest development in the field with particular emphasis on the role in renewable electricity storage.

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