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Conference program

Confirmed speakers

Tilmann Märk, Innsbruck: Non-statistical evaporation from excited water cluster ions

Ilko Bald, Potsdam: The role of low-energy electrons in DNA radiosensitization and plasmon chemistry

Oddur Ingolfsson, Reykjavik: Low energy electrons in focused electron beam induced deposition and in extreme ultraviolet lithography

Shan Xi Tian, Hefei: Low-energy electron dissociative attachments to CO2

Sylwia Ptasińska, Notre Dame: Dissociative electron attachment to ring-containing compounds

Paulo Limao-Vieira, Lisbon: Negative ion formation in electron transfer experiments: energy loss spectra

Robin Schürman, Potsdam: Dissociative electron transfer reaction from plasmonic nanoparticles

Vincenzo Laporta, Le Havre: Dissociative electron attachment for vibrational-excited molecular oxygen

Hassan Abdoul Carime, Lyon: Interaction of low energy electrons with gas phase copper(II) acetylacetonate

Jana Bocková, Milton Keynes: Producing gas-phase targets of progressively more complex biomolecules for collision experiments

Monica Mendes, Madrid: O2- -N2 collision analysis: total dettachment and ionisation cross section measurements

Martin Čížek, Prague: DEA on molecules with strong dipole

Venkat Narayanan, Roztoky: Requirement of accurate electron-collision cross section data for validation of dielectric strength of simple gases

Andreas Hösl, Zürich: Measurement of rate coefficients for dissociative attachment and electron detachment

Alise Chachereau, Zürich: Deriving electron attachment cross sections from swarm data

Peter Papp, Bratislava: Electron induced processes on c-C4F8 molecules and clusters

Paul Scheier, Innsbruck: Negative ion formation in doped He droplets

Jan Verlet, Durham: Electron driven processes probed by photodetachment

Ann Orel, UC Davis: Studies of Ion-Pair Formation and Mutual Neutralization in the CH System

Michal Fárník, Prague: Solvent effects on electron attachment investigated in cluster environments

Jorge Kohanoff, Belfast: Post-DEA dynamics of solvated nucleobases and nucleotides: caging effects

Alexandra Loupas, Milton Keynes: Core-excited resonances in molecules of biological relevance

Stanislav Pshenichnyuk, Ufa: On likely linkage between dissociative electron attachment and biological effects produced by xenobiotics

David Field, Aarhus: Electrons and DEA in the Interstellar Medium

Franco Gianturco, Innsbruck: Electrons from the Stars: dynamics of molecular anion formations in Interstellar Environments (ISM)

Thomas Field, Belfast: Electron Attachment in Space

E. Krishnakumar, Mumbai: DEA: probe for structure, symmetry and dynamics of molecular negative ions

Vaibhav Prabhudesai, Mumbai: DEA route to study excited states of anions

Dhananjay Nandi, Kolkata: Dipolar Dissociation Dynamics in Electron Collisions

Dipayan Chacraborty, Kolkata: Development of a new spectrometer for absolute dissociative electron attachment cross-section studies

Ilya Fabrikant, Nebraska: Status of nonlocal complex potential theory of dissociative electron attachment

Dan Slaughter, Berkeley: The dynamics of dissociative attachment of electrons to molecules investigated by ion momentum imaging and electron scattering theory

Thomas Jagau, Munich: Complex-Variable Coupled-Cluster Methods

Roman Čurík, Prague: Determination of resonances with methods of analytic continuation

Janina Kopyra, Siedlce: Electron induced dissociation of heterocyclic organic compounds

Rebecca Meissner, Innsbruck: Dissociative electron attachment to nimorazole

Alexei Komolov, St. Petersburg: The elastic low-energy electron scattering from the surfaces of organic electronics materials