scientific program


Johan A. Martens (Leuven, Belgium)
"Polyoligosiloxysilanes (POSISILS): a new class of periodic materials combining properties of zeolites and silicones"

Hermenegildo Garcia (Valencia, Spain)
"From zeolites to metal organic frameworks in oxidation reactions"

Jeff Kenvin (Micromeritics, USA)
"Assessing the texture of porous materials using adsorption and porosimetry"

Sang-Eon Park (Incheon, Korea)
"Catalysis with CO2 in the Oxygen Demanding Reactions"

Wilhelm Schwieger (Erlangen, Germany)
"Hierarchical Zeolites: Preparation concepts and new developments"

Dongyuan Zhao (Shanghai, China)
"Synthesis of Functional Mesoporous Nanospheres with Multi-Level Architectures"