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Czech Intellect

ČESKÁ HLAVA (Czech Intellect) - A project designed to support the Czech Republic´s scientific and technical intelligentsia. This project encompasses an assortment of scientific and intellectual efforts, aimed at popularising science and enhancing the social prestige of Czech technicians and research scientists as the main creators of economic prosperity of the country. Awards for an outstanding result achieved in the fields of research and development are presented on the basis of competition in eight categories. Seven of them are under responsibility of a professional jury. The Government of the Czech Republic, upon the suggestion of the Research and Development Council, makes the final decision on winners of the National Award of the Government of the Czech Republic "ČESKÁ HLAVA" (Czech Intellect).

Prize Czech Intelect 2017 for secondary school students - 2nd place.

Secondary school student Vojtěch Laitl, a trainee in the laboratory of infrared and laser spectroscopy, was awarded (2nd place) for the computer software analyzing the emission spectra of laser ablation plasma. The thesis was realized under the project Open Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences of CR. Supervisor of the internship was Mgr. Petr Kubelík, Ph.D.

2014 Mgr. ELIÁŠOVÁ Pavla, Ph.D. Mgr. Pavla Eliåťovå, Ph.D. - Czech Intellect 2014 - in category Doctorandus. More info in press release - (27.11.2014).

2007 Dr. Aleš Benda „Ceská hlava 2007 – Dctorandus“.

2003 prof. RNDr. HERMAN Zdeněk, DrSc.

2003 Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Herman, DrSc. - 2003 National Prize Ceska Hlava for life achievements

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