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Scientific Meetings


Date: 25 - 26 May 2009

Venue: Conference centre of the AS CR in Liblice chateau


    RNDr. JIRKOVSKĂť JaromĂ­r, CSc.

    Department: Department of Electrochemical Materials
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3185, 3737, 3747
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 422, 617, 636

Organizer: Dr. Frantisek Peterka (ATG-NANOPIN),

57 participants including 48 from abroad.

General Information
The meeting will be held in Conference centre in Château Liblice, Czech Republic on
25-26 May 2009.


The aim of the meeting is to present recent progress in the photocatalytic applications, standardization and testing methods in order to support involved industry as well as to protect customers. The motto of the meeting is: to understand each other in undamental research we need the common testing method language, to succeed in application we need to be reliable to users.

During the meeting representatives and experts from COST Action 540 European countries as well as PIAJ experts (PIAJ- Photocatalytic Industry Association of Japan) will give brief survey about actual situation regarding photocatalytic applications and testing towards industrial applications in their countries. There will be invited experts from academia active on testing and standardization, partners from photocatalytic ndustry in Europe, and beside PIAJ also CEN and ISO representatives active in the ield of photocatalysis and standardization. Exhibitions and demonstrations of existing ISO and CEN methods and devices will be provided during the meeting. The CEN TC386 meeting in Prague will follow on 27-28 May 2009. Some of the participants are welcome to attend as potential members or observers this CEN TC386 meeting.


Meeting program - see more information.
Program of the meeting download here.

Ilustrative photos from Liblice Centre - K. Stejskalová, archive JHI.

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