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Scientific Meetings

Prague Membrane Discussions 2016

Date: 31 March 2016

Venue: Rudolf BrdiÄŤka hall, J. HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute of Physical Chemistry


    Mgr. CEBECAUER Marek, Ph.D.

    Department: Department of Biophysical Chemistry
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3733
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 213

82 participants (from Czech republic).


10:00 Gerhard Schuetz, TU Wien (plenary lecture)

11:00 Piotr Jurkiewicz (JHI, Prague): Calcium and membrane properties

11:40 LUNCH BREAK (drinks, coffee and snacks available)

12:20 Marek Cebecauer (JHI, Prague): Modulation of membrane viscosity by integral proteins

13:00 Jan Sykora (JHI, Prague): Protein dynamics and hydration seen by fluorescence

13:40 Daniela Glatzova (JHI and IMG, Prague): Glycosylation assay to study membrane protein orientation (Technical Note)


Prague Membrane Discussions is an informal discussion forum for scientists interested in lipid membrane related phenomena in some way. The aim is to bring together people from Prague (and well around) to foster idea exchange, collaborations, etc. ...

Topics covered include model and cell membranes, membrane-associated molecules and processes and various techniques for membrane research. The presenters and audience range from theoretical and (bio)physical chemists to structural and molecular cell biologists. Founded and currently organised by the Cebecauer, Malínský and Stříšovský labs. We gather 3 times per year for half-day meetings of 3-5 talks and open and lively discussions peppered with tough and rigorous questions. But we are open to considering alternative formats: poster and video presentations, surveys, man-on-man discussions, hands-on practical courses or some other forms of scientific interactions in the future! :)

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