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Festive Lectures

R. Brdicka Memorial Lectures

The Institute has organized since 1991 the following annual R. Brdicka Memorial Lectures to commemorate the founder and first director of one of the constituent parts of the present Institute.
2018 28th Brdi─Źka Lecture - Prof. Andrea C. Ferrari
The title of his talk is "Light Scattering and Emission from Hetero-structures". The lecture will be presented on Thursday June 14th 2018 at 2 pm, J.Heyrovsk├Ż Institute, Rudolf Brdi─Źka Lecture Hall. ┬á ┬á

2017 Prof. Frank Neese (Max-Planck Institut for Chemical Energy Conversion, M├╝lheim an der Ruhr, Germany)

2016 Professor Ferdi Sch├╝th (Max-Planck-Institut f├╝r Kohlenforschung M├╝lheim, Germany)
EN_26Brdicka_lecture_2016_Invitation (2).pdf

2015 Ulrike DIEBOLD (TU Wien, Austria)

2014 Christian AMATORE (CNRS France)

2013 J. Peter Toennies (G├Âttingen, Germany)

2012 Enrico Gratton (University of California, Irvine)

2011 Klaus M├╝llen (Max-Planck Institute, Mainz, Germany)

2010 Pavel Hobza (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the AS CR)

2009 Gabor A. Somorjai (University of California at Berkeley)

2008 Michael Graetzel (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland)

2007 Harry B. Gray (California Institute of Technology, California, USA)
The Currents of Life: Electron Flow through Metalloproteins

2006 Paul Crutzen (La Jolla, California)
Interview on ─îRo Vltava-V─ÜDA 5.7.2006 (in Czech)

2005 Avelino Corma (Valencia)
Supramolecular Entities Based on Molecular Sieves for Catalysis and Synthesis of New Materials

2004 R. A. Marcus (Pasadena, California)
Strange Isotope Effects in Stratospheric Ozone and in the Earliest Minerals in the Solar System

2003 H. Schwarz (Berlin)
Elementary Processes in Catalysis: Looking at and Learning from "Naked" Transition Ion

2002 J. M. Lehn (Paris)
Selforganization of Supramolecular Nanodevices

2001 M. J. Molina (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
The Antarctic Ozone Hole

2000 A. T. Bell (Berkeley, California)
Progress towards the Molecular Design of Catalysts - Lessons Learned from Experiments and Theory

1999 H. F. Schaefer III (Athens, Georgia)
The Third Age of Quantum Chemistry

1998 G. B. Ellison (Boulder, Colorado)
The Chemical Physics of Organic Reactive Intermediates in Combustion and Atmospheric Processes

1997 R. Parsons (Southampton)
Electrochemistry in the Last 50 Years: from Tafel Plotting to Scanning Tunneling

1996 G. Ertl (Berlin)
Self-organization in Surface Reactions

1995 J. Michl (Boulder, Colorado)
A Molecular Kit for New Materials

1994 D. J. Schiffrin (Liverpool)
Electrochemistry in Two-dimensional Systems

1993 J. Jortner (Tel Aviv)
Clusters - a Bridge between Molecular and Condensed Matter Chemical Physics

1992 K. Klier (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
Physical Chemistry in Two Dimensions

1991 E. Heilbronner (Zurich)
The Old Huckel Formalism

V. Cermak Memorial Lectures

To commemorate the late Dr. V. Cermak, pioneer of the Penning ionization electron spectroscopy and one of the most prominent members of the Institute, three V. Cermak Memorial Lectures have been delivered so far:
1998 J. Durup (Toulouse)
The Role of Hydration Forces in Biomolecular Recognition

1995 A. Niehaus (Utrecht)
The Field of Penning Ionization in the 90's

1991 H. Hotop (Kaiserslautern)
Ionization in Collisions of Excited Atoms

J. Heyrovsky Memorial Lectures

The Institute together with Czech Chemical Society has organized since 1999 the following annual J. Heyrovsky Memorial Lectures to commemorate the Nobel prize winner (1959) and first director of one of the constituent parts (Institute of Polarography) of the present Institute .
2016 Prof. Ernest Beinrohr, DrSc. (Slovenská technická univerzita Bratislava): Flow Electrochemical Methods in Practise

2015 Profesor Christian Amatore: Seeing, Measuring and Understanding Vesicular Exocytosis of Neurotransmitters

2014 Profesor Wolfgang Schuhmann: The design of electrified interfaces: From amperometric biosensors to DNA hybridization
JH Lecture-2-12-2014.pdf

2013 Dr. Anastasios Economou: Possibilities and limitations of bismuth electrodes as voltammetric sensors

2012 Lothar Dunsch: Fullerenes as redox centres From molecular to endohedral electrochemistry

2011 prof. Ladislav Kavan: Elektrochemie nanomateri├íl┼» - n─Ťkolik p┼Ö├şklad┼» ot├ízek k zamy┼ílen├ş

2008 Karel Vytřas
Uhl├şkov├ę pastov├ę elektrody v elektroanal├Żze - Odborn├í skupina analytick├ę chemie p┼Öi ─îesk├ę spole─Źnosti chemick├ę uspo┼Ö├ídala u p┼Ö├şle┼żitosti 118. v├Żro─Ź├ş narozen├ş profesora Jaroslava Heyrovsk├ęho v├Żro─Źn├ş Heyrovsk├ęho p┼Öedn├í┼íku 2008. 4.12.2008 ─îl├ínek v Chemick├Żch listech, kter├Ż se k 10. Heyrovsk├ęho p┼Öedn├í┼íce kr├ítce vrac├ş, naleznete v odkazu .

2007 Old┼Öich Dra─Źka
Komplementarita v polarografii, chronopotenciometrii a voltametrii - Odborn├í skupina analytick├ę chemie p┼Öi ─îesk├ę spole─Źnosti chemick├ę uspo┼Ö├ídala u p┼Ö├şle┼żitosti 117. v├Żro─Ź├ş narozen├ş profesora Jaroslava Heyrovsk├ęho v├Żro─Źn├ş Heyrovsk├ęho p┼Öedn├í┼íku 2007. 20.12.2008

2006 Miroslav Fojta
Uplatn─Ťn├ş rtu┼ąov├Żch elektrod v sou─Źasn├ęm v├Żzkumu biopolymer┼»

2005 Lubom├şr Posp├ş┼íil
Polarografie a elektrodová dvojvrstva

2004 Vladim├şr Vetterl
Adsorpce nukleov├Żch kyselin na povrchy elektrod

2003 Karel ┼átul├şk
N─Ťkolik sn├ştek z ko┼íat├ęho stromu polarografie

2002 Hermann Berg
Some contributions to polarography from Jena

2001 Robert Kalvoda
Polarografie a modern├ş elektroanalytick├í chemie

2000 Emil Pale─Źek
Elektrochemie nukleov├Żch kyselin a b├şlkovin. Detekce hybridizace DNK.

1999 Petr Zuman
Role of mercury electrodes in contemporary analytical chemistry

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