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TOPIC: Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.

Preparation of Novel Structure-Directing Agents for the Synthesis of Zeolites


13-17593P (panel 106), postdoc grant, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

Zeolites represent the most important group of heterogeneous catalysts used in many industrial applications. The proposed project is aimed at the employment of some tructural types of zeolites for the preparation of new hierarchical materials combining micro/mesoporous system. Hierarchical materials will be prepared via secondary templating of TUN and CON zeolites using Ge and carbon black particles and via post-synthesis treatments (desilication) of -SVR and CON zeolites. Thorough characterization of prepared materials will be done. Simultaneously, new quaternary ammonium compounds will be prepared and characterized. Following studies will focus on the use of these compounds as templates (SDAs) in the synthesis of
ovel zeolites. All these results should help us in more detailed understanding of basic relations between the structure and properties of SDAs and their role in zeolite synthesis.

The aim of the project is the synthesis and characterization of new hierarchical zeolites prepared by desilication and secondary templating, and the design and preparation of novel quaternary ammonium compounds, their characterization and use in the synthesis of novel zeolites.

    Ing. KUBĹ® Martin, Ph.D.

    Department: Department of Low-dimensional Systems
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3856, 3288
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 504, 304

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