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TOPIC: Mesoscopic electrode materials.

Study of interfacial charge transfer process on boron and phosphorus doped diamond in contact with electrolyte solution


13 - 31783S (panel 204), Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (associated contractor - project leader is affiliated with another institution)

Abstract: Nanostructured diamond thin films doped by boron and phosphorus will be prepared, for applications as electrodes in electrochemical studies. These electrodes will be subsequently investigated using palette of mutually compatible electrochemical, spectroscopic, microscopic and insitu- spectroeletrochemical techniques. By tuning of synthetic conditions, various parameters like film thickness, doping type, dopant concentration, isotope composition and surface termination will be modified. The interfacial charge transfer at the diamond/electrolyte solution will be addressed with the aim to acquire fundamental knowledge about this system and to solve the existing contradiction in the literature. Surface modification of diamond will be investigated to test possibility of spectral photosensitization for prospective application in a novel type of photoelectrochemical solar cells. Goals: Preparation and optimization of variety of nanodiamond electrodes, both B- and P-doped. Accumulation of new knowledge about interfacial charge transfer at nanodiamond contacting electrolyte solution. Surface modification with the aim of spectral sensitization and application for solar cells.

    prof. RNDr. KAVAN Ladislav, CSc., DSc.

    Department: Department of Electrochemical Materials
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3975
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 516

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