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TOPIC: Molecular sieve chemistry and catalysis.

Advanced catalytic processes and materials


No. 203/08/H032, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (associated contractor - project leader is affiliated with another institution)

The concerted project is aimed at a development of new selective catalytic and separation processes for preparation of specialty compounds and materials, which can give rise to a progression in the field of new chemical technologies. The processes in question are stereoselective and regioselective transformations on chiral catalytic centres and processes with significant environmental impact.
Coordination of Thesis projects is planned in the field of catalysis, e.g., developed Rh catalysts can be tested in stereospecific polymerizations (UK), asymmetric synthesis (VSCHT) and hydrocarbonylations; oxidation catalysts can be tested in organic synthesis (VĹ CHT, UP, UCHP), oxidation polymerization (UK) and synthesis of chemical specialties (UFCH); new mesoporous materials prepared at UFCH will be used in all other partner laboratories, etc.
Teaching part of the project is based on common meetings and seminars dealing with metodology coming to catalysis from various fileds of science (organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, separation science, solid-state chemistry etc.). Dissemination of results obtained in the solution of proposed project and discussions and dialogs on problems to be solved are another part of planned seminars, which will be co-organized by students involved in the project.

    prof. Ing. ČEJKA Jiří, DrSc.

    Department: Department of Low-dimensional Systems
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3795
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 324

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