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TOPIC: Biospectroscopy.
TOPIC: Mesoscopic electrode materials.
TOPIC: Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry.

Bioactive Biocompatible Surfaces and Novel Nanostructured Composites for Applications to Medicine and Drug Delivery


No. KAN200100801, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The interdisciplinary project *** deals with preparation of novel biocompatible nanostructured
materials with bioactive surfaces for applications in medicine. Nano-precursory drug delivery
systems with increased bioactivity and stability will be developed as well as materials such as
nanocrystalline diamond, polymers and carbon nanotubes, nanofibres and other drug vehicles.
Key factors that influence bio/non-bio interfacial properties as the charge, polarity, mobility and
geometric organization of molecular motifs at surfaces will be studied, providing the surface cues
conditioning cellular and colloidal interactions with on the molecular expression level. Integrated
smart systems with surfaces functionalized by synthesised biomolecules as porphyrins,
biopolymers, and polysaccharides will be studied for transport of DNA, peptides and cytostatics
with targeted therapeutic action and biodegradation protection and for drug-diluted stents.

Key words:biocompatible nanocarbon materials, nanofibres, smart surface functionalisation,
drug delivery.

HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute is one of 10 contractors;
Institute of Physics of the AS CR is main contractor;
other associated contractors are: Zentiva a.s.; GENERI BIOTECH s.r.o.; University of Pardubice; South Bohemia University in České Budějovice; Institute of Chemical Technology Prague; Charles University in Prague; Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the ASCR; Elmarco s.r.o.

    prof. RNDr. KAVAN Ladislav, CSc., DSc.

    Department: Department of Electrochemical Materials
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3975
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 516

    prof. RNDr. CIVIĹ  Svatopluk, CSc.

    Department: Department of Spectroscopy
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3275, 3205, 3014 , (+420) 286591766
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 020, 02

    prof. HOF Martin, Dr. rer. nat. DSc.

    Department: Department of Biophysical Chemistry
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3264, 2011
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 221,107 c

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