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TOPIC: Molecular sieve chemistry and catalysis.

Advanced separation and storage of carbon dioxide: Design, synthesis and applications of novel nanoporous sorbents.


(6th Programme) FP6-2004-ENERGY-3 SUSDEV-1.2.7/DeSANNS, European Commission

The aim of the present project is thus twofold :
For a given CO2-adsorption application, what is the ideal pore structure and chemical composition required for an adsorbent to capture and adsorb carbon dioxide from a mixed gas stream (with hydrogen, methane and nitrogen for example) and also allows for an economic desorption process (i.e. rapid and without heating or vacuum)? Indeed it is highly valuable to have an atomic-scale understanding of the relationships between the shape of adsorption isotherms upon pressure (initial uptake rate, curvature and maximum adsorption capacity), on the one hand, and the shape and chemical composition of the pores.

To propose the possible synthesis routes for such nanoporous adsorbents

From a practical materials point of view, it will be important to carry out such a project starting with reference adsorbents. Zeolites, zeotypes and other inorganic molecular sieves can be considered as models due to their defined crystalline structure and stability. The variation of the silicon to aluminium content and compensating cation can allow a systematic screening of physical and chemical parameters required for CO2 adsorption (capture) and desorption (release).

Parameters from these studies can be input into models and computer simulations to extend the initial screening to other chemical compositions and compensating cations. These benchmark studies can then be used as a basis for the investigation of novel materials. Amongst the potential materials that could be used for applications with respect to carbon dioxide, we will concentrate on two options.

    prof. Ing. ČEJKA Jiří, DrSc.

    Department: Department of Low-dimensional Systems
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3795
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 324

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