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TOPIC: Interactions and Mobility of Molecules in Microporous Systems.

Hierarchic nanosystems for microelectronics.


KAN400720701, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (associated contractor - project leader is affiliated with another institution)

Abstract: The aim of the project entitled "Hierarchic nanosystems for microelectronics" is the development of complex composite systems with precisely defined performance applicable in microelectronics. The individual components will be formed by small arranged particles which will ensure partial function inevitable for functioning of the whole system. These composite structures should be directly applicable as elements of special sensors, photoelectric energy sources, microelectrodes for analytic instruments etc. The general aim of the project is the accumulation of sufficient amount of high-quality experimental data to be applied for design and implementation of practical nanotechnologies. Professionally, the project will be focused on the study of preparation of hierarchic nanostructures, inclusive the structural and functional characterization, as well as on prediction of properties by means of mathematical modeling.

Main contractor: Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the AS CR.
Other contractors: Heyrovský Institute; Institute of Physics of the ASCR; Institute of Microbiology of the AS CR; Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the AS CR; Charles University in Prague; Institute of Chemical Techology in Prague; Výzkumný ústav organických syntéz, a.s.; University of J.E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem;

    Ing. HRABÁNEK Pavel, Ph.D.

    Department: Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis
    Phone: (+420) 26605 3177, 3626, 3866, 3615
    Fax: (+420) 266053910
    Room: 333, 314, 506, 310

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