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2018-06-14 - 28th BrdiÄŤka Memorial Lecture - Prof. Andrea C. Ferrari (Photogallery)

Prof. Andrea C. Ferrari from University of Cambridge is invited speaker of 28th Brdička Memorial Lecture. The title of his talk is "Light Scattering and Emission from Hetero-structures".  The lecture will be presented on Thursday June 14th 2018 at 2 pm, J.Heyrovský Institute, Rudolf Brdička Lecture Hall.

Andrea C. Ferrari is Professor of Nanotechnology. He is the Director of the Cambridge Graphene Centre and of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphen Technology.

Prof. Andrea C. Ferrari,  University of Cambridge, Great Britain

Heterostructures based on layers of atomic crystals have a number of properties often unique and very different from those of their individual constituents and of their three dimensional counterparts. The combinations of such crystals in stacks can be used to design the functionalities of such heterostructures. Prof. Ferrari will show how Raman spectroscopy can be used to fingerprint such heterosctructures, and how these can be exploited in novel light emitting devices, such as single photon emitters, and tunable light emitting diodes.


List of the previous BrdiÄŤka Memorial Lectures-1991-2017


R. BrdiÄŤka



Professor of physical chemistry at Charles University, founding member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, founder and the first director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.


An outstanding electrochemist renowned in particular by his pioneering work on kinetic polarographic current and on applications of polarography in medicine. A brilliant university teacher, author of an internationally recognized textbook of physical chemistry. He has crucial merits for development of modern physical chemistry in this country.

To commemorate his work and personality, the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has organized since 1991 annually a festive R. BrdiÄŤka Lecture. Invited speakers have been eminent scientists active in some field relating to the research currently pursued in the Institute.

Prepared by Veronika Zelenková



Some pictures from  28th Brdička lecture (source: Květa Stejskalová)

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