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2017-06-08 27th Rudolf BrdiÄŤka Memorial Lecture


The 27th Annual Rudolf BrdiÄŤka Lecture was held on June 8, 2017 at 14:00 in Rudolf BrdiÄŤka lecture hall of the Institute.


Analysis of complex catalytic mechanisms by High-level spectroscopy
and quantum chemistry: The case of water oxidation in PSII

Professor  Frank Neese
(Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, MĂĽlheim an der Ruhr)

Abstract: The combination of high-level spectroscopy (EPR, MCD, various X-ray techniques, resonance-Raman, Mößbauer etc) and high-level quantum chemistry offer unique opportunities for disentangling complex reaction mechanisms. Using spectroscopic observables as a means to gauge theoretical calculations is a powerful means to implement the important concept of falsification. As a theoretician, one no longer has to rely on small energy differences. As an experimentalist one profits from the ability to correctly interpret complex spectra. The concepts are illustrated by an in.depth study one of the most important chemical reactions: the oxidation of water by the oxygen evolving complex of photosystem II.

Lecture invitation.


Photogallery (Source: Jiří Pittner)




The Institute has organized since 1991 the following 26 annual R. Brdicka Memorial Lectures to commemorate the founder and first director of one of the constituent parts of the present Institute. Invited speakers have been eminent scientists active in some field relating to the research currently pursued in the Institute.


w_Obrázek (25).jpg

Professor of physical chemistry at Charles University, founding member of the Czechoslovak Academy
of Sciences, founder and first director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

An outstanding electrochemist renowned in particular by his pioneering work on kinetic polarographic current and on applications of polarography in medicine. A brilliant university teacher, author of an internationally recognized textbook of physical chemistry. He has crucial merits for development of modern physical chemistry in this country.

List of all Rudolf BrdiÄŤka Memorial Lectures (1991-2017).

(Source of R. Brdička picture  - Zdeněk Herman in Gallery of  personalities of JHI)

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