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2017-02-28 RECRUITMENT - One new POSTDOC position in Dep. of Biophysical Chemistry

***** A new PostDoc/PhD position - Clustering of fibroblast grow factor 2 at plasma membranes studied by single molecule fluorescence (available in the group of prof. Martin Hof) *****

The candidate will apply modern single molecule fluorescence techniques to study clustering of Fibroblast grow factor 2 (FGF2) at model plasma membranes with defined lipid composition. He or she will work with a microscopic technique called TOCCSL (Thinning out clusters while conserving stoichiometry), which has recently been established in our lab, and other complementary fluorescence techniques. Combination of all these techniques should help us to better understand how FGF2 is translocated over the plasma membrane into the extracellular space.
FGF2 is a protein which has numerous biological functions in living organisms including uncontrollable growth of tumours, wound healing and embryonic development. After being synthesized inside cells FGF2 is excreted into the extracellular space over the cellular plasma membrane. Although the membrane plays an important in the entire excretory process there is only little known about the interaction of FGF2 with the membrane. Together with our foreign partners, we are trying to prove the hypothesis that the translocation of FGF2 across the plasma membrane occurs over small membrane nano-pores.

In case of a PostDoc candidate, he or she must hold a PhD degree in chemistry, physics or biology. In case of a PhD candidate, he or she must hold (or should obtain within 2017) a master degree in chemistry, physics or biology. We are searching highly motivated candidates.

Contact person:
Dr. Radek Ĺ achl

Please submit the completed application (form - see in attached file) till March 28, 2017:

J. HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute of Physical Chemistry of the AS CR, v.v.i.
Dolejškova 3, 182 23 Prague 8
Czech Republic

The J. HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute is located in the beautiful and safe city of Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic). Prague offers outstanding opportunities for culture and entertainment.


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