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2016-05-17 RECRUITMENT - NEW POSTDOC and Ph.D. position (dead line for application - 10.6.2016)

J. HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute of Physical Chemistry of the ASCR, v.v.i., offers:

****** two positions available for one PhD. and one Postdoc
in the group of Kočišek/Fárník at J. Heyrovský institute of physical chemistry in Prague, on the project “Reactions of organometallic complexes relevant for the ion beam cancer therapy”. The goal of the project is to elucidate the importance of elementary electron and ion induced reactions in concurrent chemo-radiation therapy of cancer. It is highly interdisciplinary project that involves research groups from the field of chemical physics, chemical synthesis, and radiobiology. In our group, reactions of organometallic complexes, which are promising anticancer drugs, will be studied in clusters (see
There are two projects which are interchangeable in between the PhD. and Postdoc.

The 1st project concerns the fragmentation of multiply charged ions. The experimental part will be conducted on the GANIL accelerator in Caen, France, where the multiply charged ions will be prepared in collisions with highly charged atoms. Fragmentation of these ions will be studied by means of coincidence mass spectrometry. The obtained coincidence mass spectra and kinetic energy distributions of the fragments will be analyzed in the ROOT environment; therefore, at least basic programming skills are necessary. The experiments will be conducted in an international environment and the results are expected to be presented on the conferences worldwide; therefore, good communication skills in English are necessary.

The 2nd project concerns the development of a novel nano-aerosol source. The student will work on the implementation of commercially available system on the existing experimental setup in Prague. Tests will be performed on the aerosol transport to the vacuum which will be followed by more complex experiments on electron interaction with aerosols. Expected is at least basic knowledge of vacuum physic and/or mass spectrometry.

The J. HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute is located in the beautiful and safe city of Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic) which offers outstanding opportunities for culture and entertainment.

For more details contact:

Application (for POSTDOC position) (for Ph.D. position) should consist of the application form, a CV with a publication record, professional experience, awarded prizes and honors, etc.

Please submit the completed application (see in attached files)
till June 10, 2016:

J. HeyrovskĂ˝ Institute of Physical Chemistry of the AS CR, v.v.i.
Dolejškova 3, 182 23 Prague 8
Czech Republic

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