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2015-03-13 - NABÍDKA tématu (nanomateriály) na doktorandské studium CZ-Francie

Doktorandské studium pod dvojím vedením - CZ a Francie.

Uzávěrka příjmů žádostí -13. března 2015.

Podrobnosti o studiu, informace k vypracování žádosti aj. čtěte v příloze.

Zájemci kontaktujte mailem českého školitele práce - Ing. Jiřího Rathouského, CSc.

Hierarchical porous nanostructures for photo- and electrochemistry

Jiří Rathouský, J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, AS CR, Prague
Thiery Pauporté, Laboratoire d'Electrochimie, Chimie des Interfaces et Modélisation pour l’Énergie, École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris

A major goal of material science is to produce hierarchical materials that are ordered on all length scales, from molecular (1-100 Å) via nano (10-100 nm) to macro (1-100 micron). The multilevel architectures are capable of conferring unique properties to the structure. Zinc oxide-based micro-/ nanoscale structures have attracted a considerable attention owing to their unique optical, electronic and physico-chemical surface properties as well as their reactivity. These materials have been shown interesting as active layers for selective sensors, solar cells, light emitters in LED, surfaces with tunable wettability and as photocatalysts.

The PhD studies will be aimed at
1.the preparation of hierarchical ZnO layers with well-defined and carefully characterized structure, including the doping with carbonaceous materials such as nanotubes and graphene sheets. The preparation strategy will be based on the use of pre-formed building units with optimized performance characteristics, which can be synergistically combined into a complex material with a spatial separation of different functions.

2.the detailed explanation of the structure-performance correlations in photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry, which will enable to explain the complex role of the hierarchical structure in the performance and to set the rules for their optimization.

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