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2014-12-20 ANNIVERSARY - 20 December 1890 - Jaroslav HeyrovskĂ˝ was born in Prague

Academician Jaroslav HeyrovskĂ˝ is considered to be the founder (1922) of a method (polarography) that enables the fast and extremely exact determination of metals and their concentrations in solutions.

In 1924 HeyrovskĂ˝, together with his Japanese disciple Masuzo Shikata, designed and built an automatic device which he named a polarograph. After World War II, the method of polarography, which was employed in science, medicine and a range of industries, achieved a massive expansion.

In 1950, J. HeyrovskĂ˝ founded the Institute of Polarography that was attached to the Academy of Sciences in Prague.
HeyrovskĂ˝ is the only Czech scientist to be awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry (10.12.1959) in recognition of his invention of polarography, pioneering achievement and the development of polarography.


The travelling exhibition about Jaroslav HeyrovskĂ˝ with the title "The Story of the Mercury Drop" introduces, by means of photographs, films, literary documents and other exhibits (e.g. examples of development of polarographic instruments), the life story of Jaroslav HeyrovskĂ˝.

The 16th exhibition will be opened from April 13 to May 15 , 2015 in Pardubice.

Photos from the exhibitions in PalackĂ˝ University in Olomouc (June 2010) and in Basic school KopernĂ­kova in Teplice (May - June 2012)

All photos: archive of the exhibiton The Story of the Mercury Drop, K. Stejskalová.

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