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About the Institute


The Institute is a centre of fundamental research in physical chemistry, electrochemistry and chemical physics (short history). The research work is characterized by many cross-links both within the Institute and also with other institutions in Europe, the U.S.A., Japan and other parts of the world. Much of the scientific work is concerned with fundamental research, but several groups, in particular in catalysis and electrochemistry, are also making contributions in more applied aspects. Besides the research activities the Institute is strongly involved in training of both undergraduate and graduate students, supervising their diploma and Ph.D. theses, and in teaching at universities.

In the Institute work at present about 165 full-time employees and approximately 45 graduate students. Roughly 70 per cent of the personnel are engaged in research, the remaining staff provides technical and administrative services.

Members of the Institute publish each year approximately 250 research papers, for the most part in impacted international journals (in 2016: 187 articles in journals with an average impact factor of 4.22), several books or chapters in monographs, and a number of communications in proceedings of scientific meetings.

Presentation of the JHI (short key-signature; in Czech) - download.

RECRUITMENT NEW POSTDOC position (deadline for application - 28. 2. 2018)   ***NEW full- time postdoc position available at the Department of Chemistry of Ions in Gaseous Phase J. Heyrovs
RECRUITMENT NEW POSTDOC position   Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, v.v.i., offers: ***postdoc positions available in the Department
OUR RESULTS IN MEDIA - ÄŚT, ÄŚRo, servery a tisková mĂ©dia...   Medializace našich vĂ˝sledkĹŻ vÄ›dy ÄŤi jejich popularizace doznává stále novĂ˝ch příspÄ›vkĹŻ, kterĂ© zavádÄ›jĂ­
2017-12-12 PRESS RELEASE - PodĂ­vat se na imunitu zblĂ­zka. VÄ›dci v Praze vylepšili moĹľnosti superrozlišovacĂ­ mikro   TĂ˝m vÄ›dcĹŻ z Ăšstavu fyzikálnĂ­ chemie J. HeyrovskĂ©ho AV ÄŚR v Praze ve spolupráci s EPFL ve Ĺ vĂ˝carsku vylepšil
IMPORTANT PUBLICATIONS RELEASED IN   FEBRUARY 2018 - ACS Catalysis, 2018, 8, 1779-1789.Catalytic Properties of 3D Graphene-Like Microporous Carbons Synthe
Nanostruktury katalyzátorů a mechanismus redukce NOx-N2 (EU projekt Ammonore)
19.ledna 2006
Co může poskytnout organická polarografie dnes
23.Ăşnora 2006
Calix[n]areny: od Trabanta k supramolekulární chemii
23.března 2006
Seminar of Students of JHI
13 - 14 June 2006
Uhlíkové nanostruktury a in-situ spektroelektrochemie
5.října 2006
Scientific Meetings  
1st EFCATS School on Catalysis.
28 March - 1 April 2001
3rd Czech - Israeli Biannual Conference on "Biomolecules in the Gas Phase and Complex
20 - 22 April 2001
34th Heyrovsky Discussion "Chemistry on Polarised Liquid-Liquid Interfaces".
10 - 15 June 2001
US-CZ Workshop on Electrochemical Sensors.
19 - 22 June 2001
Summer School on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.
30 July - 3 August 2001

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